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How can I test MAMUTU?

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...somehow I am skeptical about MAMUTU's abilities to block malwares.

According to description MAMUTU is able to monitor the following behaviours:

Backdoor related behavior

Spyware related behavior

HiJacker related behavior

Worm related behavior

Dialer related behavior

Keylogger related behavior

Trojan Downloader related behavior

Injection of code into other programs

Manipulation of programs (patching)

Invisible installations of software

Invisible Rootkit processes

Installation of services and drivers

Creation of Autostart entries

Manipulation of the Hosts file

Changes of the browser settings

Installation of debuggers on the system

Simulated mouse and keyboard activity

Direct disk sector access on harddisk

Changes of the system group policies

Is there ANY WAY to test all/some or any of the items mentioned above? What I mean either some links to wellknown malwares with that specific behaviour or some tests provided bu EMSISOFT.

I tried specific test provided bu SpyShelter and Zemana but i did not get any reaction from Mamutu (I searched the forum and it seems like these are not real keyloggers and THAT's WHY Mamutu doesn't react.

I installed then a real keylogger Ardamax Keylogger 3.5.3 but MAMUTU doesn't react at all.

At this point I am VERY skeptical about MAMUTU's abilities to block malwares as long as I cannot test it myself and I cannot find consistent reviews about it! (not a german magazine!)

Any help with be very much appreciated!



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Hi, Claudiu

as it was suggested in replies to your previous post(s) , please run tests like "Trojan Simulator"

you can add “zapass” and alike to the list

Properly (stressing) disable all and any security except Mamutu in order to test

As it was pointed by Christian Mairoll in one of the previous similar requests of yours – yes - the your AV or other solutions may kick in earlier … but read that reply again , keeping in mind that Mamutu may be the only layer of defence because of that … so test it like the only layer

As for Zemana tests … again – it was discussed here in the forum – those are completely inappropriately written tests. As I can see, you found the thread(s) like one of them

The Ardamax request here is pretty much redundant, that is just double posting, which usually do not have a positive outcome. As it was said earlier regarding this matter – let's hope the developers will add their point of view

Other that running some tests mentioned above, please obtain real malware (there are sites)

I am sure you have the alerts that are covering almost all the list.

Sure if you are maintaining safe habits – those could be alerts for the legit Software exposing similar behaviour ( yesterday MS Update installations of “Live...whatever” :) on Win 7 x64 fired up ~7 alerts)

Do you need the logged lists that I have here for XP 32 bit & Win 7 x64?

I can see most of the alerts types except "Direct disk sector access on harddisk" &

"Changes of the system group policies"

Install more Software you will have “Simulated mouse” (say RocketDock) …

as for the keyboard – install few special legit MIDI keyboard players – you will get it... & so on & so forth

So please, run suggested tests and/or install real malware (there are special sites) having ordinary backup of your data & disk image backup in place

My regards

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