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Windows Firewall settings

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Hello Andrey,

You have 2 choices: 

Safest option but less convenient;

If, as your second screenshot, you block all outbound connections on all profiles,  you will have to create Allow rules for every non-listed applications (in the third screenshot)  that will try to connect to internet. It is not difficult but not very convenient unless you are used to it. (It is what i do). 

Convenient method but less safe 

If your machine is the only one in your network (or not part of a homegroup), you can just set outbound rules to Allow in the Public Profile, then you won't have to worry about creating rules, Windows Firewall will create them automatically, and Emsisoft Anti-Malware will prevent rules created by malicious applications/processes.

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Thanks for the answer! Yes, I understand that I have 2 options!

On the site there is a utility for checking the effectiveness of the firewall

So, just this first tester shows that the Windows firewall is effective!

The second version of the configuration-firewall test fails ...

Therefore, I probably choose the first (more complex) version of the settings. Just wanted to learn from experts Emsisoft - whether such settings are acceptable when working with the new version of the EAM.

Thanks again for the answer!

2017-10-14 19_27_57-2ip Firewall Tester.jpg
Download Image

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