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Emisoft Emergency Kit Image

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Hi . . . , welcome to the forum

1st, please provide more detailed information about your System Environment as in Forum Posting Rules #2)

Then, that is very odd & was never reported before.

EEK is a portable application - it can be run from the Flash Stick;

No installation required; No services installed; No Explorer Integration...

It does not touch any system settings/registry/etc.

It's completely self contained

It is definitely not EEK's fault as far as I know & can tell

and was just circumstantial, when something went wrong in your system independently and irrespectively


Were there any flaggings after running the scan?

Have you quarantine/ delete anything?

Speaking about that, please be more descriptive regarding your expression

...or while files to delete to change it back...

You may've removed something that you were not suppose to quarantine/delete

That could be the only reason of troubles that I can think of at the moment

Where you running it from the External device or it was copied (unzipped) into your hard drive?

My regards

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Well Ray,

I'm not sure how that's making it "easier" when we do not have any information whatsoever yet... Autoplay / Autorun.inf? Why? :unsure:

not flaggings&scans

What about the quote above about deletion?

If you have precise explanation ... please enlighten us

My regards

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The Emergency Kit is most likely extracted in the root of the harddisk instead of a separate folder. If the Emergency Kit is extracted in the root of C:\ the disk will be renamed to "Emsisoft Emergency Kit" and start.exe will be run every time the disk is accessed.

Find the following folders and files in the root of the harddisk that is renamed and remove these folders and files.

Remove only the folders and files as shown below. Do NOT remove anything else!

After reboot the harddisk will have it's old name back.

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...The Emergency Kit is most likely extracted in the root of the harddisk instead of a separate folder...
Hi, ctrlaltdelete

That's why was the last question in my reply

Let's hope the original user will confirm that

Thanks a lot. Cheers!

Hi Ray,

That wasn't clear but now I think I see what you probably had in mind ;)


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