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Download Notification two days in a row [Resolved]

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Hey Everyone,

Using EAM free and for two days now I've had the same update/download issue. It started yesterday & now again it exactly the same. I try to update and get this:


After 15 minutes I cancelled yesterday, tried the download again & it said it was up to date. So far this evening, I've waited 30 minutes, the screen has not changed. I'm going to cancel & see what happens before I make this post.

OK same thing happened, restarting EAM after a cancel says it's up to date.

Any idea what's going on here?

Thanks much,


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Hi Steve,

That's not happening lately but sometimes similar occur with the very 1st Update after Rebooting the system.

I can update Mamutu & anything else at the same time.

After restarting EAM an update is available straight away.

Yes, EAM could be “...up-to-date...”, which is correctly reflecting current situation as far as I can see

Are you experiencing described symptoms after rebooting as well or “any time” during the day?


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Hi again Steve,

In addition to the above

There are definitely a problem.

Today it was an update for a stable version

It's not reflected in ChangeBlog yet at the moment where the latest one is for beta

At the same time, here is current stable update

Straight after the recent update

noeamupdateafterreboot.th.png I'm experiencing the same issue after every reboot as described above

As you can see I can update Mamutu & anything else except EAM Free which is hanging forever

Hope the developers will look into that & address the issue

My regards

P.S. a side note , rather a question:

Have you ever tried “accepting beta” recently?

I'm using stable currently because the beta is completely out of order on XP (stressing! … not on Win 7)

I reported the beta issue to the developers. And that is not a trivial stuff at all if one would decide to return from beta back to the stable, that's why I'm asking

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As always I can't thank you enough for your dedication here!

A little slow in my comeback, I ALWAYS have beta checked, I tried to update again after 2 days again, I got the same problem, update sat forever never updating, that wasn't after a restart either. So I undid the BETA and restarted & then I got a download with a restart almost immediately. I then went back & checked beta again & got a further update & restart I seem to be at and ready to do a scan.

Finally doing EAM scan tonight after a long time of it not running on my system!

Thanks again Lynx,


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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reply & confirming using beta

I would strongly suggest staying away from it currently on XP (no issues on Win 7 x64)

I reported few issues here & in internals (no responses yet from developers)

Current beta It's completely out of order here... no Explorer Integration; you can have multiple a2start.EXEs hanging, you may not be able to update / GUI cannot be displayed / etc.

As mentioned above that's not easy to get back to stable in some circumstances

So, most likely you will be better off staying with the stable version at the moment

My regards

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OK Lynx,

I'll stay off beta until I hear it is fixed, the stable is working solidly as always...

Hi Steve,

It seems like you can use beta again ;)

After the release of v5.1.0.4 I was using stable for a while and decided to try beta again

There were no responses from the developers neither here regarding my reports nor in the Internal forum ... the particular issue was not mentioned in any Changelogs as well

Anyways, I switched to beta today and it's working fine - no hanging; no multiple a2stat(s) when using Explorer Integration; easy switching back & forth (beta / stable) without any errors

Hope you'll try it in order to confirm this


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Hi Steve. 1st, Merry Christmas to you!

Thanks a lot for the feedback & confirmation (the thing is back to normal & working indeed)

Cheers, man – it's always nice to meet you here!


I also bought myself a new Christmas present, so now I have a Win7 X64 machine.
Enjoy the festive time & the present

Few notes:

1) “Win7 X64” - are you craving for troubles :lol:

2) have you packed the present nicely with the sign to yourself? … hehe! :P

======= Here is an old Russian anecdote about signing a present:

One guy came to a Cake Factory, where you can order individually crafted cakes

An employee lady took an order & the cake was done perfectly in time and according to the requirements

The guy was there to get his cake

- That's your cake. Enjoy!

- Well can you put a little bit of chocolate at the top?

- Sure!

In a few minutes she returned with the cake, that has another layer of fresh chocolate

- Thanks …. Nice! Can you put like 3 roses made of your famous cream above the chocolate?

- No problems

In a few minutes she returned with the cake and 3 beautiful roses were shining.

- woW! Incredible!... one more thing. Please write: “Happy Christmas dear Ivan!”

In a few minutes she returned with the cake signed as requested.

- Thank you so much!

- Do you want me to pack the cake into this beautiful gift box?

- No! What are you talking about?! I'll eat the whole bloody thing here now!!!

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Hey Lynx,

Thanks again for your assistance, this is one of the best Moderated sites I work with!

Thanks for a Russian anecdote as well, now that was funny, yep Win 7 Ultimate is a nice piece of cake indeed. I would have have only gotten Win 7 Home Premium but my Lady Friend knows how much I love playing with my computer so she ordered something way off the wall for me, I do have to say it is FAST as CRAP compared to my win XP SP3 X86 1GB ram system. 12GB ram & X64 makes a big difference.

Thanks Again Lynx,


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