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Beta 8100


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With 8100 on a W8.1 system, I just displayed Protection - Behaviour Blocker.  After a few seconds all but one of the listed programs was removed from the list of items verifying, and listed as Unknown.  I right-clicked it and chose Lookup Online.  

A tab opened in Firefox - for URL  https://www.isthisfilesafe.com/?md5=D5CE766436904D4A185AD3AE86051311  and then that tab displayed a server error.  I did report the problem three weeks ago: https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/28483-amn-server-error-in-application/   but am mentioning it here in case you think whatever it was caused by has been fixed...  It's not clear to me whether the 'Lookup Online' failure would also account for the app having an Unknown reputation.


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