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Hello to all,

So since EIS  doesn't exist anymore, and we stuck with windows firewall I really think we need a list of reliable, easy to use firewall softwares , for people like me who never really understand how to configure the settings of a firewall.

What I know is that I never trusted Microsoft, especially with their protection of my computer , and I never will, And I don't care how much good job windows firewall does. Just cant trust it.

So please any suggestions of any paid, free, open source, reliable and easy to use firewall softwares will be appreciate :-)

Thank you all.

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There really aren't many dedicated firewall solutions out there these days. I think most companies that made them went out of business. With behavioral detection being able to do much of what people expected stand-alone firewall software to do the only major thing left was preventing incomming connections, which the Windows Firewall does just fine on its own, so the market for these advanced firewall solutions just kept shrinking.

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