Chris Bielecki

Console "Can't export certificate" when trying to deploy AV or create package

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I just installed the console on a server 2012 OS.  No other software installed, it's a basic OS install.  It is joined to a domain, can find the workstations successfully.  When I go to deploy emsisoft to workstations I get error "can't export certificate".  If I try to create the install package to install manually I get the same error.

Console version:  2017.10.0.3238

Type of installer:  Both x86 and x64 with signatures (I've also tried without signatures as well)
Installer version:  2017.10.1.8165

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Hi Chris,

What OS do you have on the client endpoints you're trying to deploy on? Is this error happening on all client hosts or only on specific ones?

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It might be a server issue then. We'd need the debug logs in order to investigate the issue. I will drop you a PM with instructions on how to collect them.

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