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Cannot create bin64\epp.sys

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Hi there, this is my first topic and I want to get right to the point. First of all really appreciate that you guys made this application free, really gets the job done. Second is the title name; whenever I try to install the software I keep getting that error and it's really frustrating and would appreciate a response as soon as possible. I already tried deleting and re downloading it to no effect. Figured trying to download it in safe mode wouldn't work either so I haven't done it. 

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I'd expect it's an anti-virus software interfering with the extraction process (it probably doesn't like our Emsisoft Protection Platform driver for some reason). Either that or there's a filesystem error.

The first step should be to delete the folder that the files were being extracted to (usually C:\EEK) and then to try again. If that doesn't help, then delete everything in the EEK folder, add the folder to the exclusions in whatever anti-virus software you use, and try again (note than you may need to move the Emsisoft Emergency Kit installer that you downloaded into the EEK folder so that it is running from an excluded folder).

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