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Did I just find a BadUSB?

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I have a USB device that is most certainly not a keyboard that, when inserted, tries to register as a keyboard, and is blocked by software designed for this purpose.

The device is a popular brand and it would be quite shocking if someone actually managed to replace the firmware or conduct a BadUSB attack with it.

What could this device possibly be doing that might make it be a keyboard? Is it actually a BadUSB if it tries to be a keyboard and it's not?


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That is hard to say, however two questions: does this happen on any computer you put this in. Also, what software does block it?

My first guess would be that it depends on the port the device was put in or maybe the device is malfunctioning, but its impossible to say without more information.

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> I have a USB device that is most certainly not a keyboard

What is it and what actions is it meant to do?   Does it support any form of configurable trigger (that might work by simulating a keyboard and sending some sort of shortcut code)?


For example... I have an Epson Scanner which has buttons on its control panel, which if you choose to do this can initiate certain types of scan.  The scanner connects to the PC via a USB port.  To make the feature work you have to install extra software on the PC which - I think - runs continuously waiting to be asked to do something.  So the question is, when someone presses one of the scanner buttons, what does the scanner send to the PC?  I don't know... but it could be that the program waiting to be told to do something is waiting for a 'hotkey' to be pressed, and that the USB interface inserts a pretend hotkey-press into the system.  For that it probably would need to be "a keyboard".    I did not install the extra software.

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