Katrina Adams

CLOSED Message from "support.windows.com" followed by inactive keyboard mouse

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After starting the chrome browser last evening my husband's computer displayed a popup that covered most of the screen with a message supposed from support.windows.com. The message said                                  ** Windows Warning Alert ** Malicious Pornographic Spyware/Riskware Detected  and that it was necessary to call 888 596 8332. He rebooted his machine and all seemed well until it came back this morning. I took photos of the messages and ran the requested scans and restarted (not a complete reboot) the machine. After rebooting Chrome opened automatically, but the message is not displayed. Screen shot photos and logs are attached. Thanks for your help, Katrina Adams.


Download Imagelogs.db320171127_065048.thumb.jpg.8581e066408a620aa088e5ada3d815b0.jpg
Download Image20171127_064640.thumb.jpg.585b49531fa0b23d3c1f516ca1f1bee6.jpg
Download ImageFRST.txtAddition.txt

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Hello Katrina,

Your screen captures show a typical support scan pop-up stating the computer is infected, when it is not.  The messages are meant to frighten you into contacting support at teh phone number listed, where they proceed to scam you out of money and they typically leave you with a non-functioning computer.

Your logs show no malware.

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