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I updated manually the EEK I already had. (took a while to install the updates :lol:)

I right-clicked on EAM taskbar icon and selected to stop protection.

Then I did a manual scan with EEK which found my eicar test file.

EEK then asked about my current protection etc etc and offered to enable Emsi protection for me. I clicked on it and EEK disappeared.

EAM gui then came up in red. All protection disabled.

It is not possible to re-enable protection by the individually tickboxes in the GUI (surf protection, file guard etc)

EAM service is not running in taskmanager but is shown as running in services,

There is no icon for EAM in taskbar and starting EAM from start menu only starts GUI but no protection is possible.

I suspect a restart of machine will fix this.

Here are logs of EEK and also EAM in case they help explain what broke EAM.

EDIT,,, In case it's of interest added radar pre leak thing from event viewer.





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32 minutes ago, Frank H said:

Stapp, EEK and EAM are not supposed to run on 1 computer. Although you stop EAM's service, issues may arise.

Would it be possible you test EEK on a separate vm ?




All these years I have tested EEK and now you want me to do it different :)

I'll uninstall EAM to test EEK (when I have a moment) and let EEK install EAM back on my machine for me :)

By the way, I don't use a VM, I test on a real system (I have image backups)

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Windows 7

I uninstalled EAM , logs were removed by the uninstaller, I rebooted twice.

Downloaded EEK and installed it turning on beta updates.

Did a scan and EEK found eicar and offered to enable EAM.

EAM was downloaded through EEK.

EEK closed and EAM installed and I put in my key and turned on beta updates.

I did a scan.

Everything went absolutely perfectly :)


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