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Windows Firewall is turned off or set up incorrectly

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I was met with a notification today that the Windows Firewall is turned off. I launched Windows Defender Security Center and it shows "Windows Firewall service has stopped. Restart it now." Clicking the Restart button launches the UAC warning, but nothing after that. So, I look in Windows Firewall Security Center/Firewall & network protection. there is a red circle with X and "Windows Firewall is using settings that may make your device unsafe." Click Restore settings button, again shows UAC warning, but that disappears once I click to give permission to make changes to my system and nothing else happens.

Strangely, on that same screen I see Private (discoverable) network followed by Network is not connected. The same below it..."Public (non-discoverable) network and "network is not connected. Now I am in fact connected through Wifi to WLAN and the internet.

I also launched services.msc and I see the Windows Firewall status is Starting for along time. When I try to stop the service, I get "Windows could not stop the Windows Firewall service on Local Computer. The service did not return an error. This could be an internal Windows error or an internal service error...."

I normally would not bother Emsisoft with a problem that seems to be related to windows 10, but there are numerous suggestions elsewhere that this may be related to the fact I am running Emsisoft Anti_Malware.

Any advise would be appreciated.

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The auto-diagnose tool did run and it did show that it had "Fixed" the problem, but it did not. Also noticed after posting this that I could no longer sync Outlook with phone using VCOrganizer app so I started to think about what may have changed.

I recalled that I had uninstalled a number of programs using Revo Uninstaller. I was perhaps a bit too aggressive.

So to resolve the firewall issue, I recovered a restore point to prior to that exercise and the firewall issue and outlook sync issue went away. 

I then removed the programs again one by one successfully.

Thanks for your assistance.

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If I remember right, Revo Uninstaller will search the registry for any references to what you are uninstalling, and either remove those as well or at least offer to remove them. Personally I consider that behavior dangerous, as it is always possible for a search to find unrelated things, and thus something can be deleted that shouldn't have been.

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