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EAM and Windows Firewall - anything else needed?

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Dear all, I'm not too familiar with EAM yet (been using the trial version for only a week now). I'm curious to know whether EAM and Windows Firewall Control (WFC Pro by Binisoft) are all you need to be sufficiently protected or whether it would be a good idea to use additional security apps, so that a multilayered approach to security can be achieved. Do you use any additional security apps? If so, what do you recommend? Thanks for your help in advance.

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I also have CryptoPrevent installed and set to 'Paranoid' level (and always forgetting to reduce that when I try to install anything).

I also have a very hefty HOSTS file to stop issues with known bad/advert/spying sites.

Next up: a proper router that I can configure the firewall.

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Jeremy, then in my case the site goes.

There was/is one financial site which is great for stock market news and is full of adverts, something like XKFM or something.   If you remove the adverts then the site becomes usable.  And this is after one pays for the site's subscription which isn't cheap.  A further wallet-dipping mugging exercise will remove the adverts -- for a couple hundred extra quid. 

Anyway, if the site is one that employs such a method then I won't bother looking at it.  

There are some sites which refuse to load with Adblockers/HOST files because the site thinks it still needs to load.  Perthshire Foods, just north of you, is one example.   So, if I can't get to view that site then I will go elsewhere.

Facebook is another site that is nobbled in the HOSTS file.   I am not interested in dropping a single byte over to them.  Google Analytics is another; if anyone relies on Analytics to see my visits then they're wrong.

I used to worry about such things for my site, but no longer as soon as I got my 'target' about fifteen years ago:   a regular visitor to my racing site from the Vatican State City.  As soon as I got that, I have no interest in such things.   The only people who want my Analytics are those advertisers who wish to 'improve' my site with a wall of undocumented JavaScript, cookies, pop-up adverts and the like and so it's no loss that the latte-sipping leeches don't get any trade from my site.


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Hmm, fair enough from the point of view of a site you want or not, if there's an alternate.  But if you look at something like iPlayer, the programme files are hosted on various CDNs (ie the BBC do not own the delivery servers).   Many people though would block eg an Akamai CDN just because it once served adware for some other customer.  But if you block Akamai, not only the BBC site but many other legitimate ones no longer work properly.

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A very good point.

Okay, I take it back.  I would then seriously consider removing something from my HOSTS file if it broke something.    But as I am not a TV Licence payer I don't use iPlayer so I hadn't come across this particular instance.

But for the most part I don't wander around the internet that much anyway.   At least not these days. 

In the early nineties, I think '94, I was connected to the web for the first time.   I was living in Belgium and, for some reason, the bundled IE with my set-up came as the home page the Vatican.    I didn't find the address bar for weeks and so for the first few weeks of exploring the web I started off with the Vatican and then followed the links at random and then see where I ended up.

Perhaps in those days I had found most of the internet, as there wasn't much of it, but it was interesting trawling around and made a change from BBs and CompuServe.   But, now, I tend not to wander around too much and if a site that I want stops me reading it because of the adverts or whatever then I take the hint and then move off elsewhere.

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