EMSI with Bitdefender engine

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From what we know, EMSI uses two engines (Bitdefender+ in house one) and the famous behavior blocker Mamutu.

However, on latest AV Comparatives (Nov)    Bitdefender scored  100% and EMSI 99.2%.

If they use the same engine , why the difference????

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This question has been answered many times before. But to repeat the answer:

The whole world product tests do not simply evaluate the on-demand scan performance of products but test all protection layers of a product. Essentially the attack vector is being replicated exactly as it would happen in the real world and the products get a chance to protect the system on many different layers. Signature detection, which is the part we licensed from Bitdefender, just being one of many layers. AV-C doesn't release detailed information about what infection is being blocked at which layer, which means nobody but them know how these scores break down exactly.

So while EAM and Bitdefender will always perform comparatively when it comes to just the signature-based detection, other areas, like the URL blocking, for example, will not.

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Thank you for your answer!

My expectation would have been that EAM would perform better than BD, having Bitdefender engine plus an "in house" engine, plus  Mamutu, the best behavior blocker on the market.


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