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Thunderbird slows to a crawl.

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To: Customer Support.


I've installed Anti-Malware and Armor as 30 day trials and am seriously considering purchasing these products. But first, I need to find out if the change to Thunderbird can be fixed. It has slowed to a very long wait (18 secs for one mail) when opening mail.

Attached is systeminfo file.



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Hi robmyaeg, welcome to the forum

1st EAM does not scan received e-mails in real-time

At the same time you may have one of the new options for “OnAccess” being set (See Guard > File Guard Tab)

So you may try to test whether it would help if you change that. Most likely it should

I'm using “OnExecution” only.

Then, you may try to exclude Tunderbird's from monitoring by the Behavioral Blocker

and/or exclude Main folder or mail Storage folder/file from scanning.

Please tell if that helped

My regards

p.s. as for the sys info, please provide more detailed information about your Software Environment as in Forum Posting Rules #2)

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