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In the blog Emsisoft among 10 New Year's gifts is offered and buying VPN.


True, this is NordVPN.-_-

I want to ask specialists about the possible problems and shortcomings of the CyberGhost VPN.

Its merits and properties are well known.:ph34r:

But, perhaps, there are problems and shortcomings? (open port 80, etc.)

And how effective is the addition of EAM protection to work with VPN?

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It might be best to refer to the chart at the following link that compares VPN services (this is the one recommended by the Electronic Frontier Foundation):

I recommend downloading the spreadsheet, as it makes it easier to follow than the online version.

Also, to help with understanding what each of the categories mean, you can refer to the explanations at this link.


16 hours ago, andrey said:

And how effective is the addition of EAM protection to work with VPN?

There isn't really any interaction between EAM and your VPN. At least, for the time being, EAM doesn't do network traffic filtering.

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