Cannot connect to update server..

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For some reason my Anti-Malware cannot connect to the update server, and currently hasn't done so for 24 or so, hours (last update 19/11/10 at 1657). Is the server down please? I ask only as with my current new build pc, running a clean install on a new drive of Win 7 64 bit, I'm concerned that there could be something at my end causing it? Nothing else is a problem at all, Online-Armor reports no problems, and all other software and internet connection is fine..


Edit: I feel rather silly, but I decided to double check Online-Armor, and found that it had decided to block access via TCP out Port 80! No idea how it changed it's mind, as it'd been functioning fine for the last two weeks of the new build! Anyway, thought I'd leave this up for info incase anyone gets a similar prob..

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Thanks, I would never have known what port to check!  This solved my problem!  Thanks, I'm so glad I googled and found your answer!

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