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Cannot update beta 8332


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Windows 10.

Uninstalled EAM and rebooted twice. (I chose the option to remove logs but it still left folder in Program files with quarantine in it)

Ran EEK installed  8080 (which I had in downloads) and when I got error I thought it might be because it was on older download so I deleted install (it installed ok ) and downloaded 8219 from website.

Installed okay but no way will it update either from stable or beta.

Find attach screenshot of EEK Forensics showing the 'Update started date, and the Update ended date. They are nearly 50 years apart :)

Also attached logs from ProgramData and EEK logs.

Running with WD until I can reinstall EAM which I was going to have EEK do for me.



Screenshot (16).zip



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