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EEK 8334


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Windows 10

Downloaded latest version 8334 from the website.

Updated without any problems then turned on beta updates .. just one file downloaded for beta updates.

Ran a scan without issue (apart from the fact that Windows Defender caught eicar first :))

I took up EEK offer to install EAM which it did.

My only issue is when installing EAM through EEK it doesn't put an icon on the desktop whereas downloading and installing EAM myself, it does put an EAM icon on the desktop.


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Hi stapp,


As the EAM installer which is downloaded bij EEK is started in /verysilent mode, EAM doesn't install a desktop icon.

The regular EAM installer does install a desktop icon, the brand new MSI installers does not install a desktop icon as it makes no sense for most users.

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