support.emsisoft.com wants to show notifications . . .

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There is this pop-up at the top, saying that support.emsisoft.com wants to show notifications.


How to suppress that (if at all possible)?

What notifications? Of all the threads posted on emsisoft? (I hope not)
I do want to have notifications from the threads I am participating in only.



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It's quite a common thing on various websites these days... they all want to push notifications out to us [I presume while we're don't have one of their pages open?], and I wish they wouldn't.   I use the Firefox browser and I believe I could somehow configure it not to allow the Emsisoft ones, but I also as a matter of course delete cookies, history ... and 'site preferences' every day, so I think it quite likely that Firefox won't remember that I don't want these things.

It would be a huge improvement if the forum software could store whether or not we want to be offered these things.

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Yeah, the links in the plain text parts of the emails sent out by the forum don't work.   It's because they incorrectly have an "&" in the middle of the URL where there should really be a plain ampersand.  The URL above, for example, should really have ended with



I'm sure I've reported this before.

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