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Roguekiller detect a2start.exe as a malware XD

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False positives with RogueKiller are rather normal. It's really best used to send a log to someone who is trained in log analysis and malware removal, and not a tool for the average person to run to remove infections due to the fact that it will flag a lot of legit software and someone with training/experience in analyzing the logs needs to objectively determine what is a threat and what isn't.


3 hours ago, biodegradable said:

it say its Proc.Injected process and in quarantine is in red color (High risk)

All anti-virus software injects code into other processes, so this is normal behavior. a2start.exe actually needs to read the memory of another process in order for it to function, and that's more than likely what RogueKiller is flagging it for.

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