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EEC outside the local network


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I would like to know if it is possible to control / pilot installations
from emsisoft Anti-Malware.
Other than in my local network.

 that is to say. I have a park. Antivirus scatter everywhere. In different sites;
 and I wish I could manage them with the console company.

all this at a distance.



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The only thing I would like is to know what ports are used on the remote computer for it to work through the Internet.

Indeed on my local network I have no problem.


It's through the Internet that it does not work.


The ideal would be to create a brochure specific to the installation and setting up only

Especially a procedure for setting up through the internet on remote computers is where the big problem.

Ideally, provide detailed examples with port numbers so that you can understand.

Understand what are the settings on the remote machine.



For example if I install the antivirus locally no problem I find it on my interface as soon as the computer leaves my network and he goes to another place I do not see it anymore .......


Sorry for my English I do not speak a word at all I use the translator


Thank you for your help because I do not find the appropriate settings






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Hi gladgate,

I can understand your google translations ;)

Answers toyour questions, related to ports can can be found in the EEC manual: https://dl.emsisoft.com/EmsisoftEnterpriseConsoleManual.pdf
Connecting an Emsisoft Anti-Malware client to your EEC via internet is easy.
You could use install packages for that, but more easy is to install EAM on the computer locally and connect to EEC by: EAM:  Settings / Licence: Connect with Enterprise Console, use the same credentials as you use to logon to EEC.
In current beta version of EAM (2018.1) you can even use a cmdline to connect EAM to EEC, so you can automate the connection.

I hope this helps, have a nice weekend




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Am 26.1.2018 um 15:23 schrieb Frank H:

Connecting an Emsisoft Anti-Malware client to your EEC via internet is easy.


Hi Frank,

TLD:8082   (or other port) - > only a portforwarding in nat for 8082 to the IP From EEC Server:8082  / Or is more open ports needed from external ?


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I have the same problem.

I forwarded the incoming traffic to the computer where EEC is installed, namely TCP ports 8080, 8082, 31200, 31201. In EEC "Bind address" (can you tell us what is it and how to eat it?) is empty, Start Update Proxy automatically = Yes, Port = 8080. On the computer with EAM, I click the "Connect to Enterprise Console" button, specify the server's IP address, port 31201 and password and get "The computer is connected and controlled by EEC. ServerName:8082 - connection not established". On the first attempt, ECC even displayed a remote computer with EAM, but since then it has been offline.

I did not see the Windows firewall rules on a remote computer with EAM permitting outbound traffic for it. If I understand correctly, such rules should appear when installing EAM on a computer by analogy with other programs that need access to the Internet, including by analogy with EEC, the rules for which on the server were added during the ECC installation?

But if we assume that the problem is in the absence of such rules, then

1) Why did the firewall never ask me for permission to access EAM on the Internet?

2) Why does disabling the firewall not helping?

Please explain what I'm doing wrong. And I join the previous speaker - we need a step-by-step guide with screenshots "How to connect EAM on a computer that is outside the local network to ECC behind NAT". The instructions in the User's Manual do not seem to be clear enough, since administrators have difficulties in the simplest configuration. For example, I still did not understand whether to run the Prepare_PC_for_Deployment.bat file on the client.

The same text in Russian:

Я перенаправил на роутере входящий трафик на компьютер, где установлен EEC, а именно TCP-порты 8080, 8082, 31200, 31201. На компьютере с EAM нажимаю кнопку "Подключить к Enterprise Console", указываю IP-адрес сервера, порт 31201 и пароль - "Компьютер подключен и управляется EEC. ServerName:8082 – соединение не установлено". При первой попытке в ECC даже отобразился удалённый компьютер с EAM, но с тех пор он оффлайн.

Я не увидел в брэндмауэре Windows на удалённом компьютере с EAM правил, разрешающих исходящий трафик для EAM. Если я правильно понимаю, такие правила должны были появиться при установке EAM на компьютер по аналогии с другими программами, которым необходим доступ в интернет, в том числе по аналогии с EEC, правила для которого на сервере были добавлены при установке EEC?

Но если предположить, что проблема в отсутствии таких правил, то

1) почему брэндмауэр никогда не запрашивал у меня разрешения на выход EAM в интернет?

2) почему отключение брэндмауэра не помогает?

Объясните, пожалуйста, что я делаю не так. И я присоединяюсь к предыдущему оратору - нужно пошаговое руководство со скриншотами "Как подключить EAM на компьютере, находящемся вне локальной сети, к ECC за NAT". Инструкции в Руководстве пользователя, по-видимому, недостаточно внятные, раз у администраторов возникают трудности в простейшей настройке. Например, я так и не понял, нужно ли запускать на клиенте файл Prepare_PC_for_Deployment.bat

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hi guys, 

FYI: the connection issue has been resolved in EEC 2018.5

>Prepare_PC_for_Deployment.bat file on the client.
you need to run this script prior to deploy only.

if you connect to EEC from an already installed EAM or via packages, there is no need to run any preparation script on the clients.

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