CLOSED Application.Win32.InstallExt (A) issue

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Hi, team,

It seems that my PC is infected with some kind of a malware/virus as it runs unusually slow with some errors (ie. firefox not opening even after refreshing and ran as admin,waking up from 'sleep' with a blank black screen that doesn't allow any control like restarting/Cntrl+Alt+Del except a mouse/smart pad control with a cursor you can navigate, AND "File System Error (-1073741819)." issue). I think this happened since a couple days ago (27th night-28th early morning) when I downloaded and ran 'AutoKMS' file from a website. Would you please help me with this issue? 

Thank you much for your help in advance!!





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AutoKMS is intended to enable the illegal use of Microsoft products like Windows and Office.  We have a Strict policy with regards to software piracy.  No assistance will be given to individuals who are not using properly licensed versions of Windows or other other software installed on the system. 

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