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Hello all!

Specifically, I would like to ask about Firefox.

As experts believe, is there any need for such settings for some sites? (screen)

I understand that the normal operation of some sites will be limited at such permissions.-_-

But still? Or do you need to install such permissions unnecessarily, enough - by default?

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I have many permissions set to "Always Ask", which means - apart from being asked - that I know when a site might have wanted to do something.  I think that may be better than 'Block' when (for all I know) you won't know that action has been blocked.   The only sites that I use that regularly ask if they can do something are Emsisoft's (notifications - which I deny) and a couple of others (I forget what they are).

I don't store per-site options for anything, and although I do let FF store my browsing history and cookies, I clear everything from the history - cookies, data, history etc - roughly once per day.  Sometimes, several times per day...   The only reason I let it keep browsing history is so that if I accidentally shut a tab/window I can reopen it.

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