Quickscan missed EICAR

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Had a custom scan of c\ drive hang at 40%, log was empty.

Had to restart computer to get emsisoft to respond.I downloaded EICAR to test.Fileguard caught it.I restored EICAR from quarantine

and ran a quick scan that showed no detection.Custom scan of the file and maleware scan made the detection. Also eicar.comdentifier  scanned clean,it that was left in downloads after quarantining eicar with custom scan of the file?   

Why did quick scan miss the file?




Download Image

Download Image

Download Image

Download Image

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2 minutes ago, Fabian Wosar said:

Quick scan only scans stuff that is currently running. Not files that aren't active. You will at least have to perform a Malware Scan to get your downloads scanned.

Thank you Fabian

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