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Using Enterprise Console to prevent Exe from being moved to quarantine

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We are using the Enterprise Console with a number of Client computers. On two computers the File guard and Behavior Blocker are trying to quarantine a "know to be good" exe while trying to start that application. Is there any way to add that file to a policy, so that it will no longer be quarantined ?. The clients are using a RDP Connection and try to start that application on the terminal server. All other clients do not try to quarantine that exe.


Thomas Schoessow


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Hi Thomas,

You can easily add Behavior Blocker monitoring exclusions in EEC, in the computergroup policies.

Add a new monitoring exclusion (pick any file from the eec server,) and manually change the path to the one you need on your clients.
ps. i noticed that your screenprint shows an issue, as File Guard is not involved in the Quarantining process.Will be fixed.

I hope this helps



2018-02-15 16_48_34-EEC  exclusions.png

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