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Emsisoft error


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Hello all, 

So, I am using EAM and I am satisfied with it till now. But, yesterday, all of a sudden, it started showing some errors. I raised a support request but have not heard back from them. So, I thought I will post it here. 

When I started the computer, I did not even open anything. Emsisoft started giving around 50 error windows (screenshot 1). Soon after it got updated. Then I restarted my laptop and was working on a few things and got another error (screenshot 2). I have sent the diagnostic file as well to Arthur from Emsisoft but no replies yet. 


Can someone here please help me? 

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Your first screenshot looks just like the one in discussion: https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/29146-post-installation-issue/

I'd suggest you also run the FRST scans and diagnostic scan that Emsisift support asked for in that thread.  Maybe Emsi's support person (GT500) will see something in common.  Also note the questions asked there about other securuty products.  Do you run others as well?

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I am experiencing the same issue. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 1709 Fall Creators Update. Using a Standard User account. Emsisoft Anti-Malware is the only security product, Windows Defender Antivirus is disabled. Exploit Protection settings are set to default. I did harden security policies once but that was last November 2017. I have not changed my Windows configuration this year and not installed anything new other than Windows security updates.

Issue occurs:

-When laptop goes to sleep due to low charge, is plugged in and then woken up again. (occurred 3x)

-Switching user accounts, between administrator and standard user account (occurred 1x)

Error does not leave any logs behind. Not in Event Viewer and not in EAM. Error has only existed within the past 2 weeks so it might be due to either a major update by Emsisoft or the recent Windows 10 security update. No other issues. Willing to send debug and diagnostic logs just not in a public forum.

Edit: Attached Diagnostic Log.



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Last time, i got good support and was told it was due to conflict issues with Heimdal pro. Since then. I have uninstalled Heimdal and have a clean system with a fresh windows 10 installation. Emsisoft generally works fantastic but I kid you not, I received the exact same error today. 


The error came out of nowhere and it came when Emsisoft was getting updated. And after this error, when I click on Emsisoft, it just doesn't open. it is getting a bit annoying now. 

Can someone please help?


another error.PNG

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When such weird issues show up, we always advice users to remove programs that might be a potential source for incompatibility issues.

When the issue evaporates -> we found the culprit.
When the issue still shows-up we take further action.

In this particular case we found a regression bug that caused the issue.

We are currently testing a fix internally.


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