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Surf protection switching off

PC reset

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Hello and thank you for your request.

I'm sorry to hear that Web Security does not work as intended on your mobile device.

We've received a similar request recently but did not come to a conclusion yet and there are no known bugs with Web Security I would be aware of.

That being said, there are incompatibilities with specific power saving functionalities some publishers of phones integrate into the Android system, sometimes also called "optimizers". The fact that it takes some time until Web Security is disabled it could be if such a functionality is present on the mobile device, that excluding Emsisoft Mobile Security solved the problem.

If you cannot find such a power saving or similar functionality, please could you let us know the following information:
   1. The model and manufacturer of the device
   2. The Android version used
   3. The version of Emsisoft Mobile Security currently installed
   4. Is there any other security solution installed on the device?
   5. a) Please open the settings of your mobile device and choose "Security settings".
      b) Is Emsisoft Mobile Security listed and enabled as "Device Administrator“ there?

In the meanwhile, if I can assist please do not hesitate to contact me.

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