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Adding Time With New Licence Key


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3 minutes ago, Kosmocrat said:

I'm not too sure, but if I were you I'd wait until the license has nearly expired and then renew, just in case it doesn't add the 80 days that you currently have left.

To renew it I believe you log in to MyEmsisoft (the license portal) and there should be an option somewhere that will let you renew it.

License Portal: https://my.emsisoft.com

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Dear Marg,

Thank you for contacting our support.

If you place a renewal order for your existing license key for Emsisoft Anti-Malware via our website then the license time you've renewed for will be added on top of the remaining 80 days.

As @Kosmocrat kindly pointed out, renewals are possible at the license center if you've already registered your license key in your account there.

Alternatively, you can always use our renewal site: https://www.emsisoft.com/en/order/renew/

Thank you for using our security software solutions, should you have any further questions please just let us know.


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