Shady Magdy

All my file encrypted with extension .arrow

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So sorry to hear that more people like myself have been affected by this virus.  Sad thing is out of desperation emotion and fear we paid them.the ransom money and received nothing.   No reply nothing.  These spineless animals prey on innocent people and get away scott free.   Its not fair and people need to ne educated better about this.  More social media news feeds newspapers.  Enough

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Was ID Ransomware able to tell you which ransomware you were dealing with? I suspect Dharma, but can't be 100% certain without more information.

BTW: If you want to see news about ransomware and free decrypters, then we recommend BleepingComputer, as they work with us and various other malware analysts and Anti-Virus software companies on analyzing and reporting on these threats (they also publish a review of the various developments in ransomware at the end of each week):

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