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Server hacked by Remote Access and crypted by a ''sort' of Amnesia ransomware with .please extension

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A ''sort' of Amnesia , because the 'mode' of attack , is typical of the Amnesia , same effects that are described here : https://www.cyber.nj.gov/threat-profiles/ransomware-variants/amnesia

and the same ransom note file HOW TO RECOVER ENCRYPTED FILES.TXT , but with a different text (as you can see by the attached file),and different extension (all files are crypted with the .please extension).

I tryed the Amnesia emsisoft decrypted, and it seems to work , attempting  a brutal attack mode, but when key space exhausted, arrive at 100% an alert says that there is no possibility to decrypt that file ( the files in input are the same, same size , the oly difference is that one of those is crypted as suggested by the program manual).

After a lot of reasearch on internet , im sure that is the Amnesia. It s only little bit different. There s someone that could help me please? Thank you! ;)


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