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Locker from 2014, still unable to find a solution! Help please

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Dear forum members,

In 2014. I got a malware that has been present in my computer since then. All memories of my life are encrypted and I am not able to access any of the pictures. You can imagine how important it is for me to remove encryption from these files. I have tried many things, but it simply doesnt work. I will upload the picture down bellow of the screen I got when I got the ransomware and I will provide a Ransomware file if somebody wants to check what is going on.

I uploaded Ransomware encrypted image if somebody wants to discover what it is on this link: http://www89.zippyshare.com/v/BpbZOt04/file.html

Please help me :)



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Did it leave any ransom notes with the encrypted files? If so, can you attach one to a reply here so that I can take a look at it?

If not, then did the criminals give you an e-mail address where you could contact them?

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Looks like it's this ransomware, but the link for the decryption tool is offline:

I've been told that you also asked about this on BleepingComputer, and were directed to contact Nathan Scott (the maker of the decryption tool). I've let him know that you are in need of a decrypter for this ransomware, so if you haven't already contacted him then I will let you know what he says.

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