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I do not quite understand why to create Kit Maker from EAM resources?:huh:

After all, there is a separate program for the Emergency Kit!

What are the advantages? only that the signatures of the EAM system running will be used?

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The main advantage is a smaller and faster download, since EEK uses the same database as EAM. The other is that you'll get the latest available signatures when you use the Emergency Kit Maker.

If you have EAM installed on a 64-bit system, and need to scan another 64-bit system with EEK, then the total download size when using the new Emergency Kit Maker in EAM is around 10-15 MB.

Obviously if you also need to scan 32-bit systems then the download size is about the same, but since 32-bit systems are rare these days we hope it will save people time and bandwidth when downloading EEK.

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