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Is it really the Stampado virus that has attacked me?

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First of all, excuse my English. On May 23, 2017 at 12:27 AM, I entered a "virus" on my PC that encrypted a large part of my files with a .locked extension.
I have been dealing with the RANSONWAMRE ID to identify what virus it is, and so proceed to recover my files, without success :(.
In one of the forums that he consulted, they told me that it might be the Stampado virus, and today reading more information, I stumble upon you, so I go with my query so they can guide and help me.
Already, a big greeting from Argentina
Thank you very much

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It sounds similar to this newer variant of CryptoWire, however the file extension is different:

You can try pasting the following into the DecryptionKey box in the ransomware, and then click the Decrypt Files button to see if that works:


If it doesn't, then we'll need a copy of the ransomware to take a look at, as it could be another new variant. We can try getting a log from FRST, and see if it shows the ransomware on your computer. You can find instructions for downloading and running FRST at the following link:

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