Spontaneous Diconnection and Cannot re-connect

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I am running EEC in a domain environment.  Occasionally, for no obvious reason, a client machine will show as 'Not Protected.  Not Managed' in the console.  I cannot re-connect the machine by using 'Deploy', which always fails at the 'Disconnecting Anti-malware' step.  I cannot re-connect from the client which shows 'Connected'.  The client can disconnect but cannot reconnect - it times out.  To solve the issue, I have to run a deployment package (Emsisoft already installed) on the client machine.

Firstly, can I check that the account details I am using to deploy from the console are correct?  I am using the Domain Admin account for both entries as the console is on the Domain Controller and the Domain Admin is a member of the Local Admins group and is hence a local admin on all client machines.  Does this sound OK?

If this is OK, can you suggest what might be wrong, as a trip to individual client machines is a bit time- consuming?


Many thanks.




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Hi pieronip

Excuse me for the delayed reply.

If you wait for an hour orso, does the so called 'disconnected client' reconnect by itelf ? Couol you try that once please.

In such complicated situations we always require debuglogs from EAM side to begin with,

You could enable them in EAM: Overview screen/Support tile: dropdown: debug logging, enable for 1 day.

You can do this on a machine that shows as disconnected in EEC.

Let it run for 10 mins then try to disconnect and connect from EAM.

Best is to sent the logs from the support tile in EAM: send email and mention my name in the textfield.




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