CLOSED Invisible malware affecting CheatEngine and browsers

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Some weeks ago i noticed that my CheatEngine now closes itself about 10 secs after i try to use it, no matter what.


According to message at the top of cheatengine.org' main page and to this topic https://github.com/cheat-engine/cheat-engine/issues/247 there is supposed to be some malware targeting CheatEngine.


Also, every time i try to find solution for that problem by typing requests like "CheatEngine crash" or CheatEngine malware", my browsers tend to close immediately. That affects absolutely all browsers, installed and portable, even ones running in Comodo Sandbox.

Both CheatEngine and browsers worked perfectly well in the Safe Mode last time i checked.


There is some tool called windowsrepair.exe that Cheatengine.org suggests to use to fix problems with malware, but it never worked for me.

While said CheatEngine can be considered Riskware, it helped me to avoid hours of grinding in many games for many years without such problems as now.

Also, it may be relevant or not, but few days ago i already tried to fix that problem, and while i did a full system scan with EEK, it found and quarantined plenty of copies of Gen:Variant.Symmi.45452 (B) [krnl.xmd]  in four directories on my Disk E. I added report concerning them in addition to three mandatory logs, below all of them.

Please help. I don't want to reinstall Windows just because of that problem i have.






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Your logs indicate that the copy of Windows installed on this computer may not be properly activated and licensed. I will not work on this system unless the OS is properly licensed and activated.  We have a strict policy here at Emsisoft with regards to software piracy.

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