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[Business] Protection turned off at login

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Hi all,

EEC: 2018.4.0.3361
Windows Server 2012 R2 x64 (6.3 Build 9600)

This morning I logged in to my system and all guards were turned off. 
The message below is from the Logs


17-5-2018 10:32:52
Failed to connect to Emsisoft Enterprise Console AV-Server:8082
276: Server certificate verification failed. Connection aborted.

I restarted the EEC server. Seems that all clients are disconnected, again, but not all systems have disabled guards.
To which certificate is being referred?

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Hello maniac2003, there isn't a known issue I can think of that would result in guards being turned off. I think I'd treat it as a possible intrusion and review RDP and other methods of ingress before anything else, just in case. It's common to disable antivirus/antimalware after 'hacking' into a server. On the off chance it is, I'd like to ask that you email [email protected] and mention this topic, so we can continue there. No sense publicly announcing things as we progress, again, just in case.

The certificate in question is one that is generated by Emsisoft Enterprise Console and used to authenticate the client -> console connection. Are all clients that are still listed as disconnected displaying the same certificate error?

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