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Settings -> Permissions

If you want it to apply to all accounts, I think you must first restrict everyone's access, including that of administrators, and then set the master key password.

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Hi guys,

By default EAM applies no permission restrictions for (local) admin accounts.

So if your users login as local admin, you will have to set  the Permissions for local admins to 'Basic access' and set the Master password.

You can do this locally in EAM.


When your organization uses Emsisoft Enterprise Console, you can manage the password and permissions from EEC in the following way:

- Open Policies / User Polices / Group permissions, select the  usergroup on the left and set the level to 'Basic access'

- Open Policies / Computer Policies / Computer settings , go to the Password section, tick the 'Password' checkbox and set the password.

As soon as EEC synchronizes it's policies with all EAM clients, your (local admin) users will have to enter the password as soon as they open the EAM Overview screen and try to change a setting.



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