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Is my computer clean?

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I am checking for any possible malware on my system, emsisoft antimalware, roguekiller and malwarebytes dont detect anything suspicious. But is there anything in these farbar logs? Btw, my emsisoft software said FRST.exe was suspicious and asked for my permission to allow it since it was trying to modify firewall somehow, i didnt manually approve it so the emsisoft then put the software in quarantee and shutdown the program, but the farbar was still able to make these logs, did that emsisoft interference make these logs less reliable in detecting malware? I decided to not approve the modification, because i dont know what it would do, so i will just upload these logs and if you need me to rerun farbar with approving the firewall modification i can give you new logs later.

Also heres the rkill log too




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Emsisoft alerts against Farbar because it accesses the Windows Firewall.  We monitor the Windows Firewall for all third-party attempts to access or otherwise modified the Windows Firewall.  There is no way to differentiate between access and modification because of the way the MS API works.  Afte you allow Farbar it runs properly and is it affected by the previous Emsisoft detections.

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