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Yellow exclamation mark on Windows Defender icon.

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Windows 10 build 17134.165 using 8750

This issue has happened for a little while now, since before last Win Update and before EAM build 8750.

I thought it was something to do with the red cross on the Defender icon at boot for a few minutes before it then disappeared.

However I think that may be because I have FastBoot disabled.

After reading some clues from other users I can now say that if you hover over the yellow ! mark on Defender taskbar icon it will say 'Actions Needed'. But when you go to the Security Center for Defender all is green and well.

BUT.. if you shut down EAM protection and start Defender from Security Center then you will see that there is a yellow ! mark on the Defender virus shield telling you that One Drive hasn't been set up. There is a Dismiss link you can click. 

When you click it the yellow ! goes away, and restarting EAM shows the mark has gone from the Defender taskbar icon.

So EAM is stopping the enabling of One Drive by ''hiding'' the message from the Security Center.

EDIT.. I have no debug logs for this I am afraid,  but am 100% sure EAM is the cause.


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