my pc was infected from downloading a file containing malware

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my pc is windows 7 64bit. whlie i was using my pc yesterday and suddenly all my installed application disappeared with a .STOPDATA extension. and a Ransome note "!!!RESTORE_DATA!!!.txt  

the note said "All your important files were encrypted on this PC.All files with .STOPDATA extension are encrypted.Encryption was produced using unique private key RSA-1024 generated for this computer.To decrypt your files, you need to obtain private key + decrypt software.To retrieve the private key and decrypt software, you need to contact us by email [email protected] send us an email your !!!RESTORE_DATA!!!.txt file and wait for further instructions.For you to be sure, that we can decrypt your files - you can send us a 1-3 any not very big encrypted files and we will send you back it in a original form FREE.Price for decryption $200 if you contact us first 72 hours.Your personal id:pSRcFGQdBDYBZfaO5DLNLgmF9mFF5Rh84GyYTcW5E-mail address to contact us:[email protected] e-mail address to contact us:[email protected] "

so far i have tried booting my pc in safe mode and delete my temp files, i have deleted some suspicious files in my roaming folder in app data, deleted some entries in 'host' file in windows and also tried restoring my data but i had no backup so i couldnt do that. 

i am not sure if the malware is removed and also need help decrypt my data. 

i am willing to provide any further information about the situation to fix and retrieve my data 

please help





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Without being able to see the ransom note or a copy of an encrypted file, it might be this ransomware:

That guess is based entirely on one of the e-mail addresses you posted, and it may be an e-mail address that the criminal behind the ransomware has reused for more than one ransomware distribution campaign, meaning it may not be the same ransomware that ID Ransomware flagged.

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It looks like that is more than likely the STOP ransomware. Unfortunately it doesn't looks like there's any way for us to help you decrypt the files.

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