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EAM disrupting web browsers (and browsing internet)

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A many thanks in advance to anyone, including EAM staff, who might read and/or reply to this thread.

At some point last night, I noticed that Firefox was crashing, lagging and not running.  So, I switched to Opera, then to Chrome with the same results.  I began to think of troubleshooting possibilities.  After some attempts, I decided to pause EAM's realtime security... my web browsers were running with no issue.

When EAM protection is on, my web browsing is disrupted.  When EAM protection is off, my web browsing is fine.  Until last night, my laptop had no issues with EAM protection always on, using web browsers and so forth.


Also, I can see in process explorer that the web browser (e.g. Opera, Chrome) do not close entirely after I close them when EAM protection is on.  They are "hanging."

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Much obliged for the quick response, GT500.


I do not use COMODO firewall.  I also read another thread on here in which the user mentioned that specific firewall and described a seemingly similar issue to mine.


I use the windows firewall for windows 10.  I also use small security utilities such as spyware blaster, winpatrol (paid,) cryptoprevent, hitman pro alert, and malwarebytes anti exploit, but emsisoft anti malware is the only real time anti malware/virus program that I use on this machine.

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Can you configure HitmanPro Alert and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit to not run when Windows starts, and then restart your computer by right-clicking on the Start button, going to  Shut down or sign out, and selecting Restart from that menu to bypass Fast Boot?

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As requested, I disabled both HitmanPro Alert and MBAE in MSConfig (sorry if I should have disabled them differently,) then restarted as you instructed via the double click on the start button (and so on...) At the moment, firefox seems to be running without issue, but I only have tried to access several websites in general.  With that said, that is more than what I have been able to do in the past few hours.


Just to note, before disabling them, my web browsing did seem to run with less issue while EAM protection was enabled, but there still seemed to be issue(s) when trying to access different websites.

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