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New scan level for file guard

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I saw after the update the scan performance has improved. It changed its default scan level. Now it is set to fast and when I ran some EICAR test files it didn't detect 7 out of 8. After setting de default option to balanced again it detected al 8.

I was thinking that this could be the case of the new scan level, but also when you open the EICAR files it didn't detect any.

Is this normal?

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Hi PC reset,

Yes this is expected.

We've implemented support for IOfficeAntiVirus, which means that Windows and other apps can call our scanner to scan files.

For example: when you download a file with Chrome, itw ill call EAM to scan the just downloaded file.
When a browser doesn't support IOfficeAntiVirus, the file will not be scanned when saved. Some files will trigger a scan by EAM though.

As EAM  offers better integration in windows now and to avoid additional scan-actions , it was decided to set the default scanlevel to 'Default'

Please note that the protection level of EAM did not change. if you start a malicious file, EAM will scan it anyways.
So the computer will be protected like it was before. it will be faster though as not all files will be scanned anymore.

Functionality of the 'Default' scanlevel, previously called 'Fast' :

OnExecution scans:
This option basically only scans programs when they are getting started. While that keeps your computer free from active infections, downloaded inactive malware files may not be immediately detected.


Feel free to switch back to the 'Thorough' scan level (previously called 'Balanced)' to get the same scan functionality like it was in 2018.6 and earlier.



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