Privacy improvements and other enhancements during buying process

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Hi, I would like to recommend some improvements for the buying process of Emsisoft Anti-Malware,

note: since I just tested the first 2 steps (step 1: click "buy now" and put software to the basket, step 2: click "next", opening the shopping cart) I can just review some of my limited experiences.

1. Make it possible to 'uncheck' the auto-renewal option during first steps. In principle I am okay with an auto-renewal option, especially since I can get a discount in the following years. Although I can cancel the subsciption at any time, still, in my opinion everyone should have the choice before buying a product.

2. In order to enhance privacy it should be unnecessary to provide (real) name, postel code and country of residence. Payment data should be separated from the products' subscription code or any accounts needed to manage a subscription (e.g. myEMSISOFT). Maximum privacy and anonymised payments should be the goal (even if offering refunds): check email provider which is, in my opinion, doing a great job in keeping accounts anonymously.


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Edit: Improvement for the products page: Update test certificates (AV-Test, AV-Comparatives, VB), the ones displayed are from 2016, the graph is apparently from 2014. I don't think this is representative at all and as I can follow up on your timeline, you already got more awards lately. Better would be to show that you product won consitently awards in the last years  but always advertise the ones you won at last (since this is the one that matters most in my opinion).

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