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Hi i have a long term licence and rom the first time i like emsi.I see the product changue, one and another time but always the changues are for benefit. I recognize emsi not have a "pretty interface full of junk" like another products who think "more are better", and that are good.

I see 3 changues in emsi, and i want to say my opinion, and want you tell me if i understand.

1.- The remove of Online Armor and Emsisoft Internet Security. I Think this a good desision. First I understand you do it because you think Windows firewall are good in their work. Second you say all Firewalls use WFP and only are front end to see what windows firewall does, for example Norton, Kaspersky, firewalls  etc. Third softwares like glasswire or WFC are useless.Are something i do not understand?

2.- You decide put "Antirasomware shield" . I think this is a bad desición because you do not add "another layer of protection" this is a marketing cuestion. For me you must rename behavior shield . For me is useless see 2 thing who are the same in the interface.

3.- I am very worried about the Fileguard modificaition. In webrroot says something similar to you "a virus not harm if you do not execute", and i think all avs or antimalwares have to scan files for virueses when  the files are executed, but  i really not like to store infected files include if they arent drangerous. For me scan only on execute is a error. I dont see the increse on perfomance. 

I am not english wirter or speaker but that are my opinion i hope you tell me if i understand your desisions and solve my concerns abuout point 3.

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1. Products like WFC do have a use... because using the screens that Microsoft provide, to add new firewall rules or modify existing ones , isn't simple.  WFC makes that easier.

3. All you need to do is change the scan level from "Default" to "Thorough".

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