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2018.7.1. 8839 shutdown issue.

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On Windows 10 I saw this in System Event viewer logs this morning.

I rebooted just now and it shows again.

I have FastBoot disabled.

It doesn't show on Win 7.


The Emsisoft Protection Service service did not shut down properly after receiving a pre-shutdown control.





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regarding to the shutdown delays: could you guys try this:

1. disable self-protection in EAM

2. open CMD as administrator

3. run: sc stop a2antimalware

4. check with taskmanager if proces a2service stays in 'stopping' state

5. create a process dump if so

6. please send me the dumpfile, zipped.

you can start EAm again by starting Emsisoft Anti-Malware via  the windows start  menu.


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I think I may have broken something :(

Did it first time and saved a dump but didn't know it EAM was stopped because I forgot to look under the details tab :blush:

So I restarted EAM via start menu but it didn't show in taskbar, so I tried with EAM desktop icon.

Then it showed 2 EAM guards in taskmanager and cmd wouldn't let me stop the service again and an EAM  popup said it had a problem and try rebooting. :(

I am going to reboot and try again.



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I also had a delayed shutdown (in W8.1) and since rebooting have tried your process twice.  The first time, a2service.exe did not go into "Stopping" at all, just stayed "running".   I didn't dump it, because I was looking for "Running" to become "Stopping"... but I realise now I probably got that wrong... because that "Running" was on the Details tab in TM next to the display of a2service.exe,  and I now realise the service state is shown on a different tab. (I normally use PH.) 

I rebooted and tried the whole thing again and the second time it stopped immediately.

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Excellent!  (The restart needed to get the new beta installed stalled, presumably because it was the older a2service.exe that was failing to stop properly... and I did dump that, but I suppose you won't need the dump). 

After that I shut down my W8.1 system and I can confirm that, here, that shutdown was its normal brisk self - the message saying that Emsisoft Protection Service was shutting down was only visible for a second or two before subsequent stuff happened.  Hooray!

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Build 8843 is working fine for me - no more errors in Event Viewer at shutdown and it shuts down nice and quickly again.

I didn't notice any delay between service shutdown and restart during the upgrade - went very smoothly and the EAM log shows it took 4 secs to stop and start protection.

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