Add EEK to right click menu to scan USB drives

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As the title says. How to achieve such thing. You know, I can set a drive in custom scans but sometimes drive letter changes so it's better to run EEK from context menu by right click on the drive I wish to scan.

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Most of the information you're looking for is available in the following forum topic:


I would believe that the following command is the one that will work:

PowerShell.exe -Command Start-Process -FilePath "C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe" -ArgumentList @('/K','\"\"C:\EEK\bin64\a2cmd.exe\" /f=\"%1\"\"') -Verb RunAs

This will use PowerShell to launch an elevated Command Prompt that runs a2cmd.exe (our "Commandline Scanner" that comes bundled with EEK) and have it scan whatever was passed via the %1 parameter. The Command Prompt should remain open after the scan to give you a chance to see the results.

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