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Chrome wants EAM updated or removed

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Today when I attempted to open Chrome, multiple attempts failed when clicking both desktop icon and taskbar icon.  After perhaps a half dozen attempts Chrome opened to the settings page and warned me to update or remove incompatible applications.  The application is Emsisoft and Chrome indicated I should contact the administrator (me) to remove the application.   Not totally surprised I had read that Chrome is going to stop allowing antivirus from screening Chrome.  Thought it would begin in September but appears to have been activated today.  Apparently both Edge and Chrome will no longer be covered by EAM browser protection.  


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The short answer: Google is trying to blame Anti-Virus software for stability and performance problems in Google Chrome, so they're calling Anti-Virus software "incompatible" and telling people to remove it.

The long answer: This compatibility warning is a relatively new feature in Google Chrome, and usually happens after Google Chrome has crashed. Google Chrome will display a generic warning if there has been a crash claiming that applications that inject code into Google Chrome are "incompatible", and should be removed. This is done on the assumption that these applications injecting code into Google Chrome are causing instability, and thus were responsible for the crash. Google Chrome will list almost any Anti-Virus software that is installed when it shows these warnings, because almost all Anti-Virus software works by injecting code into other running processes in order to open hooks that allow accessing their memory and monitoring what they are doing.

There is more information at the following link:

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