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What is yellow Pacman doing on EAM taskbar icon?

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After going through what I did after beta update, I realise that when I was clicking on the icons on the left-hand side of the GUI to see what they did, that clicking on the bell icon turns on silent mode without any warning to user. There is no indication about what this icon does. Showing a line through it means nothing without any explanation.

I don't like that at all.

What do the dots mean next to the washing machine icon (sorry quarantine icon) and also the bell?

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The pacman has been there for ages and was the indicator for 'Game mode'.

As we renamed that recently to Silent mode, we just need to replace that pacman icon.

When you open the left menu by clicking on the hamburger menu, eam will show you labels.

The dots next to the washing machine and bell are indicators that files sit in Quarantine and Silent mode is ON/OFF
We are aware that the dot next to the bell requires a fix, as it doesn't correctly show the status of the silent mode.


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