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I am running Emsisoft Mobile Security version 3.0.7 on a Google Pixel 2/ Android 9. For the past three weeks my weekly report states that some of my apps are infected, and some web pages I accessed were infected and blocked. Problem is: How can I get the details of which apps and web sites were infected? I will then be able to uninstall the infected apps. Thanks in advance!

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Dear Rocha6464,

Thank you for contacting us.

Sorry for our late response to your request.

Please visit the online portal for Emsisoft Mobile Security and log in with your credentials:

Under "My Devices", please click the entry for the mobile device in questions, then click "Protection" at the top to see details about the detection.

Some more information is available if you access the main menu of Emsisoft Mobile Security on your mobile device and choose "Reports". Then switch to the "Activity Log" tab.

Thank you for using our security software solutions, should you have any further questions please just let us know.


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